CeraRoot: Ceramic Dental Implants

Holistic-minded patients and those seeking to detox and heal their physical health should be aware that titanium, like any metal, will find its way into the bloodstream. As long as titanium implants are installed in a patient’s jaw, presence of metal in the blood and underlying health disruptions will be permanent.

Metal-free CeraRoot implants are fairly new to the U.S. market, but have been the choice implants of Europe and Canada for many years. American biological dentists have long been awaiting an alternative to titanium. Patients also seeking this alternative are heaving sighs of relief, particularly those few who are physiologically sensitive to metal.

CeraRoot in Fremont, CA

CeraRoot is just as strong as titanium or titanium alloy, if not stronger. It is similar to human bone in structure, thus providing the strength needed to withstand the jaw’s pressure of daily movement when chewing or biting. Because it contains no metal, the body does not reject it as a foreign object or a toxin. This creates a stronger bond and integration into the facial and jaw bones, which means the implant will last a very long time — a lifetime, if installation is done well.

The absence of metal also promotes better health in the surrounding tissues. Fewer, if any, bacterial infections occur if the implant and crown are maintained with daily hygiene. Common with titanium implants, there is slight grayish discoloration around the gum line. CeraRoot implants are all white, just like a natural tooth, and will not cause aesthetic disturbances.

Z Systems in Fremont, CA

Fremont Natural Dentistry also offers Z Systems implants. https://ceramicdentalimplants.com/locations/fremont-ca/dr-colin-yoshida

The benefits of Z-SYSTEMS – ceramic implants at a glance

  • Survival rate comparable to that of titanium implants
  • Secure osseointegration thanks to the hydrophilic SLM® surface
  • Implant and abutment can be prepped
  • Higher material strength than titanium
  • Less plaque, better gum attachment
  • Not electrically conductive, no galvanic elements, no currents
  • Sustained aesthetic results