Natural Dentist – Part 2 – Safe Amalgam Removal

When you're on the look out for your next natural/holistic dentist ask them what protocol they use for safe amalgam removal.

Here are a few key points to make sure you are selecting an authentic, safe amalgam removal dental provider:

1. Temperature: Best practices for amalgam removal is to use cold water.

2. An evacuator should be used to remove vapors released from the amalgamated tooth.

3. You should be under complete coverage with a separate ventilation system to keep you from breathing in the vapors.

4. Your tooth should be worked on in sections and vacuumed immediately.

5. Room purifiers, appropriate ventilation systems and fans should be placed in the area to keep everyone around the patient safe.

Additional best practice information can be found —> here. 

A compelling video of what you should expect and receive when treated for safe amalgam removal.  

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