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Implants, One Option to Replace that Missing Tooth

If you’ve had a tooth extraction, you may be faced with the decision of how to replace that tooth for optimal esthetics and function. Depending on your particular circumstance, you may have some options for that. Increasingly, patients are choosing an implant to fill that gap. Traditionally the only material choice for implants was titanium. […]

EMFs and the Growing Problem of Electrosensitivity

There is little debate, our lives depend on electrical current to run conveniently and efficiently. The down side of all that convenience? The overabundance of electrical current that runs through every aspect of our lives can expose us to electromagnetic fields (EMFs). There is concern that these EMFs can negatively impact our health. Though research, […]

Don’t Like to Floss? Don’t Floss. Irrigate!

  Brush and floss…brush and floss…brush and floss… You hear that so often, you start thinking that’s the order in which you need to do them: Brush, then floss. Brush, then floss. But is that the best way? Many insist that it doesn’t really matter so long as you do both thoroughly. Brushing breaks up […]

Natural Dentist Part 5 – homeopathic remedies

Holistic dentistry is beyond just caring for your mouth.  Holistic by definition is “relating to or concerned with complete systems rather than with individual parts”.  When you are shopping for your perfect holistic dentist ask them for other ways to treat your current ailments.  If antibiotics is scripted to you right away, question it and […]

Natural Dentist – Part 4 – Fillings Used

We've reached Part 4 in our 5 part series of “What is a Natural Dentist?”  Natural, Holistic dentists have a strong ethical believe in removing all Amalgam Fillings in the most fundamentally safe way possible.  So then what do they use to replace them with?  The most widely used and affordable option is composite fillings. […]

Ancient Remedies for Modern Health: Oil Pulling

Previously, we mentioned oil pulling as a great technique for amping up your home hygiene. This ancient Ayurvedic practice has seen a huge revival lately, and frankly, we couldn’t be happier. Oil pulling essentially involves swishing oil around in your mouth for 15 to 20 minutes each morning. According to a review published in the […]

Natural Dentist – Part 3 – X Rays

  Photo from X-Rays is a topic hard to ignore.  After all, we read that radiation can lead to issues, but before we put a halt on any form of X-Rays from the dentist we need to ask them, “When is it necessary and why?” There is the risk-reward factor we have to put […]

Don’t Be One of the 743 Million: Lower Your Risk of Gum Disease!

  Credit: Derren Ready. Wellcome Images You may not know it by name, but it’s hardly an unfamiliar problem: periodontitis, a/k/a advanced gum disease. Most Americans have gum disease to one degree or another, and research published last autumn in the Journal of Dental Research determined that its severe form is now the sixth most prevalent […]

Natural Dentist – Part 2 – Safe Amalgam Removal

When you're on the look out for your next natural/holistic dentist ask them what protocol they use for safe amalgam removal. Here are a few key points to make sure you are selecting an authentic, safe amalgam removal dental provider: 1. Temperature: Best practices for amalgam removal is to use cold water. 2. An evacuator […]

Natural Dentist – Part 1 – Fluoride Free

We touched on what you should look for when searching for an ideal natural dentist.  Now we will go into each question a little further. Is your dentist an advocate of fluoride free practices?  What does that mean exactly? This video by “The Health Ranger” speaks volumes.  Why read about it when you can see […]