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Here Comes the Sun: Emerging Science On Vitamin D Deficiency & COVID-19

As we all navigate our new COVID-19 world, researchers around the globe are looking for ways to both treat the ill and keep healthy folks healthy. It’s been especially encouraging to see scientists explore the role vitamins and minerals may play in building immunity and speeding up recovery. One nutrient getting a lot of press […]

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Staying Healthy at Home with Immune Boosting & Sanity Saving Strategies

As folks here and around the world are now strongly urged to keep social distance and not engage in any unnecessary trips out and about, know that while our office is open, we are focused only on high priority treatment and dental emergencies, such as infections or damaged teeth.  Should this change, we’ll keep you […]

Colonics for Better Health

You may not realize it, but digestion actually begins in your mouth. As soon as you take a bite, your chewing and saliva do the initial work of breaking down the food so it can be used by your body. And just as it’s important to take care of the front end of your digestive […]

Gratitude: A Natural Health Boost

Thanksgiving is more than just food, family and football. It’s an annual reminder to pause, reflect, and say “thank you” for all of life’s goodness. But why just one day a year? Especially when we know that gratitude – like other positive mental states – supports overall health? Science has shown that gratitude can improve […]

Foundations of Good Oral-Systemic Health: Air

Take two tomato plants. Plant one in nutrient rich soil, the other in depleted soil. Place one in bright sunlight, the other in filtered light. Give one plenty of water, the other just enough to keep it going. Both plants may live, but only one will thrive. The quality of the things we need to […]

Foundations of Good Oral-Systemic Health: Sleep

Sleep is yet another essential part of maintaining good oral and systemic health – 7 to 9 hours nightly, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Unfortunately, for many of us, sleep quality is lacking. Only 30% report it being “excellent” or “very good;” 35% report it being “only fair” or “poor.” They may sleep enough […]

Foundations of Good Oral-Systemic Health: Healthy Eating, Part 2

, we looked at some basics of healthy eating, such as enjoying a wide variety of veg and fruit. There are a few reasons for this, including care of the environment. (Breeding animals for food uses far more resources than growing crops.) But they’re also your best option for getting the full array of vitamins, […]

Foundations of Good Oral-Systemic Health: Healthy Eating

Combine good nutrition with regular exercise, and you get what the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee presented last month as “a nearly universal prescription for better health.” Exercise we talked about last time, but what about diet? What exactly does it mean to eat healthy? It’s pretty simple, really. Michael Pollan summed it up famously […]

Foundations of Good Oral-Systemic Health: Exercise

Our bodies are built to move. Yet more of us than ever live sedentary lives. In fact, the most recent data shows that more than one quarter of the US population – 28%, to be exact – is completely sedentary. They participate in no fitness-oriented recreational activities at all. That figure has more than doubled […]

Foundations of Good Oral-Systemic Health: Water

When you think about what your body is made of, you probably think of things like skin, bone, your brain, your blood – big, solid stuff. But truth be told, we’re made much more of stuff that you can’t see, at least not with the naked eye. For instance, scientists estimate that we contain 10 […]