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person holding vial of platelet rich vibrin

Platelet Rich Fibrin for Biocompatible Healing: A Review

With all types of allergies on the rise, biocompatibility is more important than ever. Just like you want to be sure that any materials used to replace or restore teeth are a good match for your individual biochemistry, any materials used to support the healing process should be biocompatible, as well.  That’s certainly the case […]

EMFs and the Growing Problem of Electrosensitivity

There is little debate, our lives depend on electrical current to run conveniently and efficiently. The down side of all that convenience? The overabundance of electrical current that runs through every aspect of our lives can expose us to electromagnetic fields (EMFs). There is concern that these EMFs can negatively impact our health. Though research, […]

Natural Dentist Part 5 – homeopathic remedies

Holistic dentistry is beyond just caring for your mouth.  Holistic by definition is “relating to or concerned with complete systems rather than with individual parts”.  When you are shopping for your perfect holistic dentist ask them for other ways to treat your current ailments.  If antibiotics is scripted to you right away, question it and […]